AXI based SDIO Slave IP Code:KC024S0567
Description :
AXI based Standard SDIO Slave IP has following features: SDIO 2.0 Slave, Supports 1bit and 4bit SD Mode, Include 1024 FIFO, AXI bus interface, CRC7 Check for Command, and CRC16 Check for Data. As a slave device, the SD slave controller receives commands from the host through the SD interface. Most of the commands are processed locally by the controller without any help from the user logic. The majority of the standard SD register set is also implemented within the slave controller and process by the core without help from the user logic. The slave controller also contains data buffer(FIFO) to match the speed differences between the user interface and the SD interface. - Supports mandatory SDIO Command : CMD0, CMD3, CMD5, CMD7, CMD52, and CMD53
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