DDR2 Controller IP Code:KC193S0566
Description :
The Double Data Rate (DDR) Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) Controller is a general-purpose memory controller that interfaces with industry standard DDR/DDR2 memory devices/modules and pro-vides a generic command interface to user applications. This core reduces the efforts required to integrate the DDR/DDR2 memory controller with the remainder of the application and minimizes the need to deal with the DDR/DDR2 memory interface. This core utilizes dedicated DDR input and output registers in the FPGA devices to meet the requirements for high-speed double data rate transfers. The timing parameters for a memory device or module can be set through the signals that are input to the core as a part of the configuration interface. This capability enables effortless switching among different memory devices by updating the timing parameters to suit the application without generating a new core configuration.
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