1-port HDMI 2.0/1.4 Tx PHY and Link IP IP Code:KC553H0815
Description :
The SPH4X2G2 is 4-port PHY and Link IP. The 1st part of IP is the PHY IP, SPPHH4X2G2 which receives HDMI serial data and transforms into parallel data. The 2nd part is the LINK IP, SPLOHM4X2G2 which processes received parallel data and converts into video and audio format. The SPHM4X2G2 is capable of receiving 4-HDMI ports and processes and outputs two ports at the same time. The SPH4X2G2 is based on an innovative scalable architecture which can be configured as multiple ports upon customer requests. The IP are capable of handling UHD video data up to 60Hz frame rate. The SPPHH4X2G2 has a strong equalization module which restores signal attenuated over long cables. This equalization enables stable video processing even at highest frequency with even with non compliant cable. The IP can restore clean 4K30Hz display over 25m cables. The innovative architecture of the IP leads to small size and low power consumption. This single low voltage scheme together with innovative design enabled low power operation. 3.3V supply is only used for HDMI signal termination which is mandated by HDMI standards. 1.0V supply is used for all IP signal processing. The whole HDCP 1.4/2.2 operation implemented in hardware enables simple and fast HDCP operation without S/W aid. The SPLOH4X2G2 is the LINK IP. The LINK processes de-serialized high speed data and finally generates RGB/YCbCr video data, audio data and packet data. Agile PHY control, video data processing including deep color and pixel repetition, ample packet data processing, fast switching and BIST functions are implemented in the LINK IP. The whole HDCP 1.4/2.2 operation implemented in hardware enabled simple and fast HDCP operation without S/W aid. The all digital audio engine generates clean audio clock and hassle free HDMI audio operation.
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